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Stone Services

We provide services for all stone including marble, granite and terrazzo.


Stone Fabrication and Installation

With our innovative water jet machine, stone cutting machines and polishing machines ,

Premier can fabricate all stone in our warehouse, allowing us to guarantee our clients with quality controlled customized pieces with a fast turn around time. Specialized in fabricating and installation of countertops, floor tiles, wall panels, staircase treads and customized intricate decorative pieces

we can turn your visions into reality.  Premier has close relationships with many stone distributors around the world giving us access to extensive material choices. 

Call us today to discuss any current or future projects you may have and to see our extensive portfolio including many photos of projects we are unable to present here due to privacy.

We work closely with contractors and architects and welcome visits to our warehouse.

Let us bring your vision to reality.


Maintenance and Cleaning

Premier can guide you to create a maintenance schedule that will best suit your building and situation. Often building floors, and staircases appear dull, and damaged due to high amounts of foot traffic, hand truck deliveries and outdoor environmental elements. Stone walls also require attention as the constant contact with hands, and people leaning on walls  leaves oils, dirt, grime and stains on the walls making them appear dull and lack luster. 

We can maintain your floor, stairs and walls, bringing back the beauty and luster it once had. We offer one time cleaning, daily, weekly, monthly, semi annually and annual services.

Honing and Polisng

Using the method of succeeding grits and applying a protective coating, our crews remove all surfaces scratches and stains on your floor making it looks as it did when it was first installed while protecting it from damaging elements.

Stone Repairs

Premier is notorious for its highly skilled workers and their ability to fill stone cracks and holes and match to existing stone. With various methods of filling and blending we can repair and restore your stone making it look as if the damage never took place.


Pressure Washing

Removing dirt, grime, and surface stains using high pressure water machines to clean sidewalks, building facades, benches, fountains, etc.


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