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Metal Services


All Bronze, Stainless Steel, Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Painted Metal Surfaces


We service all aspects of metal including building entrances, swing doors, revolving doors, elevators including call buttons, and signage, window frames, radiator grills, panels, all metal trims, hand rails, bathroom partitions and all accessories


  Metal Refinishing, Maintenance and Cleaning

We can help build a maintenance schedule whether it be a one time process, daily, weekly, monthly, semi annually or annually. By removing all scratches and regraining the metal surface and applying a surface protectant such as lacquer or polyurethane we can preserve the integrity of your metal and  ensure your  metal maintains its original luster.

Scratch and Vandalism Removal

Removal of scratches or vandalism and regraining of metal to restore original luster.



Intentionally darkening metal surfaces and highlighting the beauty of the metal surface. Color ranges from black, dark, medium and light statuary.

Customized Metal Logos & Signage

Customized intricate metal creations such as company logos

Metal Painting

Removal of existing damaged paint and spray paint metal to match surrounding areas or desired color.

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